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At GreyTec B.V. we supply industrial equipment for the chemical process industry, such as a PTFE lined pipe. Thanks to more than 20 years of experience, we know exactly how to provide your business with the best engineering services and equipment. With us, you find a wide range of equipment that is made of the best materials. Contact us to learn more.

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Why is a PTFE lined pipe the
best solution for your business?

Providing engineering solutions can be tough when dealing with corrosive and harsh chemicals. A PTFE lined pipe is extremely resistant to corrosion and provides excellent strength. This material allows chemicals to flow much more smoothly and is water resistant. Thanks to these benefits, this material will last long and is a durable investment for your business. We also provide FRP piping, which is also corrosion resistant.

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Other than a PTFE lined pipe, we also supply PFA lined valves and gas scrubbers. We aim to offer top-quality industrial equipment at affordable prices that meet your CAPEX and OPEX requirements. For more information about our products, contact us by calling +31 6 1179 9108 or +31 621 587 683 or by sending an e-mail to info@greytec.nl.


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