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FRP piping

GreyTec B.V. is an agency for industrial equipment and engineering services for the chemical process industry (storage tanks, pipelines, scrubbers, mixers, pumps, heat exchangers, valves, basic and detailed engineering). The team consists of experienced professionals with 20+ years working within the chemical industry in various manufacturing and technology roles. With our operational experience in the petrochemical, chlor-alkali and water treatment industry, and our technical expertise in process engineering, we are confident we can provide a cost effective, high quality solution to your CAPEX and OPEX requirements.

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The advantages of FRP piping

FRP piping is a great solution for the chemical industry. It stands for ‘fiberglass reinforced plastic’ and several types of resins are used to get specific piping properties. This is a corrosion-resistant alternative to metallic piping, which is why it has found a worldwide application. If you choose FRP piping, you will save costs, because there is no need for external coating or cathodic protection. We also supply other products, such as GRP tanks and FLP flange guards. You will find everything for your operations in our product range.

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Are you interested in FRP piping? As a process engineer with a polyplast chemi-plant in India, we can provide you with all the piping you need for your company. You can also contact us for PFA lined valves. Do you have any questions about our product range? Call us on +31 6 1179 9108 or +31 621 587 683 or send an e-mail to info@greytec.nl.


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