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GreyTec B.V. is an agency for industrial equipment and process engineering services for the chemical process industry and we work with partners in India. You can consult us for storage tanks, pipelines, scrubbers, mixers, pumps, heat exchangers, valves, basic and detailed front-end engineering design. Our team consists of experienced professionals with more than 20 years working within the chemical industry in various manufacturing and technology roles. With our operational experience in the petrochemical, chlor-alkali and chemical industry, and our technical expertise in process engineering, we are confident we can provide a cost-effective, high-quality solution to your CAPEX and OPEX requirements.


We can supply you with high-quality equipment and front-end engineering design in a cost-effective way, which fits within your OPEX and CAPEX budget.


You can improve your plant reliability while decreasing your maintenance cost.

With our manufacturing base in India, you increase your profit margins by reducing your procurement costs.


We minimize supply chain risks by increasing supplier diversity.


As your local partner in Europe and UK, we deliver excellent customer service.

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Fiber Reinforced Plastic Process Equipment

FRP / GRP / GRE / GFK / GVK Equipment

We work with one of the largest manufacturers in India of GRP/FRP/GRE chemical equipment. We produce dual laminate thermoplastic liners like PP, HDPE, PVC, CPVC, PVDF, PTFE, TFM, ETFE, ECTFE, FEP, PFA, and have a reputation for high quality products, customer satisfaction and superior service. At our modern manufacturing facility in India, we produce equipment for corrosive media using high quality resins and the latest filament winding technologies. 

List of equipment supplied
• FRP / GRP Storage tanks
• FRP / GRP Process vessels and reactors
• FRP / GRP Pipes & Fittings
• FRP / GRP Headers for anolyte and catholyte systems
• FRP / GRP Ducting
• FRP / GRP Columns and Towers
• FRP / GRP Pollution Control Systems
• FRP / GRP Fume Exhaust Systems
• FRP / GRP Blowers
• FRP / GRP Gratings & Railings
• FRP / GRP Filter Housings
• FRP / GRP equipment with Fluoropolymer Lining
• FRP / GRP Flange Guards
• FRP / GRP Flue Gas Desulphurisation units
• FRP / GRP Wet Electrostatic Precipitators
• FRP / GRP Ion Exchange columns
• Plastic Panel tanks

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Lined metal valves 

For corrosive process conditions, we offer high-quality lined metallic valves, with liners such as:

·         PFA lined metal valve

·         FEP lined metal valve

·         PVDF lined metal valve

·         ECTFE lined metal valve

·         PPH lined metal valve

All valve castings used are investment castings to obtain perfect adhesion of liner to the metal surface, leading to long lasting performance. Duplex steel trim inserts ensure a leak-tight operation, even at even at high operational torques. We use 100% virgin lining materials to ensure high reliability and performance.


Certified ISO 15848-1 Fugitive emission | SIL-3 | CE | DIN EN 14432 :2014

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Heat Exchangers

We provide an extensive range of heat transfer and process engineering solutions such as:

  • Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
  • Corrugated Tube Heat Exchangers
  • Spiral Wound Heat exchangers
  • Graphite Heat Exchangers
  • Silicon Carbide Heat Exchangers

Our heat exchangers are made from high-quality materials, such as stainless steel, duplex steel, Monel, Inconel, titanium, and tantalum. Our solutions are suitable for use in Chemical, Petrochemical, Fertilizers, Refineries, Power Plants, Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Cosmetics & Textile Industries.


Certified ISO 3834-2 | 9001-2015 | 45001 | ASME – U | PED | CE Marking

Fixed tubesheet heat exchanger

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PP PTFE PVDF PE PFA centrifugal pump

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Plastic Centrifugal Pumps

We supply non-metallic chemical process pumps, specially designed for pumping corrosive fluids. They are built to handle acids, alkalis, solvents, and fluids with or without solids and they are available in PP, PE, PVDF and PFA. Our pumps are manufactured by the latest methods with rigorous quality checks, for high operating reliability, robustness, ease of maintenance and low lifecycle costs. The pumps are easy to assemble and disassemble, which minimizes costly downtime.


Designed as per ISO2858

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Process Engineering in India 

We are partnered with Quanta Process Solutions Private Limited, a leading mid-sized integrated EPCM company, based in Vadodara, India and together we provide front-end engineering design, process engineering services and modular plant supplies to the oil and gas, hydrocarbons and chemicals process industries in Europe and UK. We offer the highest quality knowledge-based solutions to our clients. Our solutions enable our clients to obtain the highest benefits from their investments in the process industry.

List of services provided

  • Conceptual Design
  • Basic process design
  • Front-End Engineering Design (FEED)
  • Detailed Engineering
  • Safety Services
  • SIL Study & HAZOP Study
  • Firefighting system design
  • Procurement Services
  • Construction Management
  • Commissioning Assistance
  • Operations Troubleshooting

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Our team

Arjan Greidanus

Managing Director GreyTec B.V.

20 years of International Engineering.
Operational and Managerial experience within (petro)chemical companies like Unilever, Sabic, AkzoNobel and Nouryon.

Huzaifa Das

Business Development Manager GreyTec B.V.

12 years experience in RD&I, process technology and manufacturing within AkzoNobel and Nouryon

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