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At GreyTec B.V. we supply gas scrubbers and other industrial equipment. We work with the largest polyplast chemi-plant in India where equipment for corrosive media is produced by using the newest filament winding technologies and the best resins. Discover our entire product range by contacting us.

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The main function of gas scrubbers

Gas scrubbers or chemical scrubbers are air pollution control devices that are used to remove harmful particulates and gases. It is necessary to remove these particulates before disposing the gas in the open air. At GreyTec B.V., we also supply other process engineering solutions and equipment, such as pipes, mixers, and storage tanks. We work with the best materials for our equipment, such as GRP and FRP for piping and flue gas desulphurisation units. GRP is also used for tanks, filter housings and pollution control systems. Inform about all our products and the materials we provide.

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Do you wish to engage an expert for your next project? Whether you wish to engage us for gas scrubbers or for chemical heat exchangers; we are happy to help you. With our PTFE lined pipes, valves and other equipment, your project will be a success! Contact us for more information by calling +31 6 1179 9108 or +31 621 587 683 or by sending an e-mail to info@greytec.nl.


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